7 Things New Dads Need to Know

You're a new dad! You're probably feeling excited, nervous, insecure, and newly motivated. As a father of five sons, I've been thinking about lessons I've learned along the way. My goal in this post is to pass along some of the wisdom I've gleaned to help you as you begin your journey as a new dad.

The World-Shaping Power of a Grandparent

I decided to write a tribute of a different sort here. Although I could write much about the charming, generous, encouraging, loving, humble and generally fascinating man he was, I decided to reflect on the example he set. What did he do as a grandparent that made such a big impact on me, my siblings, and my cousins?

Fathers, Provide for Your Children

Our inheritance is Christ! And this is the greatest provision we can give to our natural and spiritual children. You may have inherited futility from your forefathers (1 Peter 1:18), but you can leave a rich spiritual inheritance to your children. Leave them with more than material goods: leave them with Christ!

Fathers, Set an Example for Your Children

Being a father is different than just being a teacher, a manager, or a leader: a father shapes the culture and behavior of a family, church, business, or organization in a foundational way that holds sway even after he is no longer present.

Fathers, Instruct Your Children

Our children desperately need us to instruct them in the ways of the Lord and in the practical skills necessary to live in this world. This requires that we take the time to patiently teach them and include them in what we do. We need to tell them why we do things, and we need to show them how they, too, can do what we do.

Fathers, Aim for the Target of Making Disciples

What is the main goal of being a father? Perhaps you have never thought about this, but in any area of life, we have to know where we are going if we are ever going to get there. Another way of saying this is the “Why” should determine the “How.” Once we answer the question of why we are going to do something, then we can rightly address the question of how we will do it. If you get this order wrong, you will be lost, as you will begin with the practical solution rather than the heart attitude.

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