Humility Is Spiritual Warfare

What we see, then, is that humility is spiritual warfare. When we are humble, we are strengthened in the grace of God, we are freed from the cares of this world, and we are able to assess the threats we face. When we are humble, we are able to stand firm in our faith, as we patiently endure suffering, knowing that our lives are hidden in Christ. When we are humble, we don’t have anything to prove on this earth, we don’t have a reputation to defend, and we don’t have to measure success the way everyone else does. In short, we are freed to live for the glory of God and the life to come instead of our own glory and the life we now have.

Being humble before God and putting on humility with one another is where we begin our spiritual battles. This is like making sure the supply lines for the troops are established before waging a major military campaign. You might have the most talented soldiers, but if you can’t feed them, they will be worthless. You might have great spiritual gifts, but if you are not humble before God and one another, you will be not be able to withstand the battle.